Additional Usage Information for Fields in a File

To enable the Predict Preprocessor to create consistent XRef data for a member where the corresponding file has been modified since generation, Predict generation functions for 3GL members append the generated code with the following information:

  • a line containing the text "FIELD USAGE INFORMATION"

  • a list of all fields contained in the file together with usage information. Usage is indicated with a preceding C or U (COUNT or UPDATE).

Please note the following for generated members containing this additional usage information:

  • If you copy a member using the Preprocessor command EXEC Adabas COPY and set the parameter Ignore changes to X, the XRef data is written on the basis of this additional information and not from the current documentation in Predict. This results in consistent XRef data, even if the file has been modified since generation.

  • This information is not displayed with Administration functions such as Display implementation. Only the actual member is displayed.

  • The same applies to the commands PUNCH/WRITE and to PUNCH with Entire System Server: only the actual member is written.