This function transfers data from a Predict environment and converts it to a special data exchange format called Access Layer Format (ALF).

This section covers the following topics:

Calling the Online Function

Enter code E in the Coordinator Main Menu or with commands EXPORT and BUILD. See sample export command on Example of an Unload Operation in Batch Mode.

    13:42:28             *****  P R E D I C T  *****              2013-05-31
                                - Export Extracts -
      Extract ID *                     No.    Extract ID *                     No.
    1                                       6
    2                                       7
    3                                       8
    4                                       9
    5                                      10
    Export options                         Build set for exporting             No.
      With code ..............* N            Metadata ................ N (Y/N)
      With profile ............ N (Y/N)      Retrieval models ........ N (Y/N)
      With internal ID ........ Y (Y/N)      XRef data ............... N (Y/N)
      Include Extracts ........ N (Y/N)
      Target environment .....* S2
      Create Report listing ... Y (Y/N)
           -     -    Stop   -     -    Flip  Print  -     -     -     -     -
Target environment Data can be exported to one of the following environments:

Natural LightStorm 3.1 or Predict CASE 2.5


Natural LightStorm 3.2

All other parameters are the same as for the function Unload Migrate on Calling the Online Function.

Differences to Unload Migrate Function

The Export ALF function is essentially the same as the Unload Migrate function. The difference is that Export requires ALF data as source, and Unload requires Migrate data.

If not mentioned otherwise, all functions and options of the Unload command are available for the Export command also. Syntax examples given for the Unload command apply to the Export command also, if the expression "Unload" is replaced by "Export".

Exporting Objects with Commands

Only the syntax EXPORT EXTRACT <extract1> <extract2> ...

can be used with the Export command.

Exporting Internal IDs

If you are working with more than one FDIC file, we strongly recommend you consolidate the Internal IDs of the objects at your site. After you have exported the objects you wish to consolidate, execute the function Import Internal ID as described in Importing Internal IDs.

You can export the Internal IDs of all objects or any subset of objects. However, it is not possible to import selectively. All objects on the transfer medium are imported with their internal IDs.

See also Consolidating Internal IDs in Batch Mode.

Calling the Online Function

Enter code E and object type I in the Coordinator main menu.

Only parameters Extract ID, Include Extracts and Target environment are applicable.

Exporting Internal IDs in Batch Mode

Internal IDs can be exported with the command EXPINTERNAL in library SYSDICBE. See Sample Batch Command.