LIST XREF For Natural

In addition to documentation data, the Predict system file contains information on which members are actually implemented in an application and how these members are used (how they are actively referenced). Information on active references to members is stored in Predict XRef data. XRef data mirrors the 'real world': an application in its current status.

XRef data for Natural objects can be evaluated with functions of the Natural LIST XREF command. This 'command' is in fact a comprehensive utility offering a wide range of retrieval functions. The Natural LIST XREF utility is described in this section.

Other ways of evaluating XRef data are described under

See also the XRef Evaluation documentation for further information.

For a general description of how XRef data is created and used, see the section XRef Data in the Introduction to Predict documentation.

This section covers the following topics:

Creation of XRef Data for Natural
Maintaining XRef Data
Contents of XRef Data
Types of LIST XREF Functions
Steplib Support
Multilanguage Support
Calling LIST XREF Functions
Retrieving Information for Individual Members
Verify Application Integrity
Using Sets
Maintaining a LIST XREF Profile
LIST XREF Commands