Predict knows more than a dozen different types of programs, ranging from parameter data area to Natural Expert model. About a dozen different programming languages are supported.

In the predefined Predict metastructure, a program can have passive and active associations of the following types:

Valid passive associations: 

"Contained in PG"
"Used by PR"
"Belongs to SY" (default passive association)
"Is comp. of SY"
"Used by SV"
"Implements MD"

Valid active associations:

"Uses FI concept." (first default active association)
"Defines Interface"
"Input File"
"Invokes Method"
"Has message PR"
"Uses PR concept." (second default active association)
"Returns File"

The description of object type Program is organized under the following headings:

Maintaining Objects of Type Program
Defining Additional Attributes of Programs
Program Specific Maintenance
Program Retrieval