An object of type Extract in Predict fulfills two functions:

  • to group objects logically

  • to determine the objects to be transferred with the Predict Coordinator.

An object can be contained in a maximum of 32 extracts. The number of objects in an extract is virtually unlimited. An extract can contain other extracts - including itself.

Extracts #SAG-TRANSFER and #SAG-ERROR are created automatically by the Coordinator. See the Predict Coordinator documentation.

In the Predict metastructure, an extract can have passive and active associations of the following types:

Valid passive association: "Contained in RT" (association is created automatically)
Valid active association: no predefined association

When you transfer objects with the Predict Coordinator, a report listing is created automatically and the extract containing the objects to be transferred is linked as a child object to this report listing. See the Predict Coordinator documentation.

The description of object type Extract is organized under the following headings:

Maintaining Objects of Type Extract
Extract-Specific Maintenance Functions
Extract Retrieval