Important Information

This document covers the following topics:

Administrator Status

The person performing the installation must have administrator rights.

Installation Directory

During the installation, you are asked to specify an installation directory. The installation of Predict requires the installation of Natural. If Natural is already installed, choose the directory of your Natural installation.

You can only install Predict on a local hard drive on a Windows system. You cannot install Predict on a network-mounted drive or a SUBST drive.

Side-by-Side Installations

Predict is a Natural application. Therefore, the rules for Natural also apply for Predict. For detailed information regarding side-by-side installations, see Installation in the Natural for Windows documentation.

FNAT Usage

By default, a new FNAT system file is created in the installation directory during the installation of Natural (<install-dir>/Natural/fnat). This FNAT must always exist, and the global configuration file must have an entry which defines this FNAT.

Predict can only be installed into this FNAT.

If you want to check or edit the settings in the global configuration file, use the Natural Configuration Utility.

The Software AG Installer maintains an internal list of installed products, which must coincide with the add-ons that are currently installed in the FNAT. This is important for updates and uninstallations to work correctly.

For this reason:

  • Do not install products into the FNAT without the use of the Software AG Installer.

  • Do not replace the default FNAT (<install-dir>/Natural/fnat) with another FNAT.

  • Make sure to complete the installation of Predict by using the SYSPCI utility (this is explained later in this documentation).

If an error occurs due to the above-mentioned scenarios, the only way to solve the problem is a new installation. In some situations, one of the following workarounds may help:

  • Workaround 1: Complete the previous installation by using the SYSPCI utility.

  • Workaround 2: Uninstall the product and then start the installation once more.

Upgrading Your Predict Environment

Predict is a Natural application. Therefore, it is not possible to upgrade an existing Predict installation under Natural Version 6.3 with a Predict Version 8.3 installation.

Updating Your Predict Environment

When the first two digits of the version number remain the same and the third or fourth digit changes, we consider an installation as an update installation.

To update Predict, specify the same directory and select the same items to install.

An update installation does not prompt again for license files. The existing license files will be used.