The Predict preprocessor offers two main options:

  • XRef data on the use of copy/include code and on the call of external members in 3GL programs is written. For Assembler, preprocessor statements have to be included into source code to perform this operation. This option is completely independent from Predict documentation objects. See Creation of XRef Data for a description.

  • Data definitions generated from Predict file objects can be included into COBOL, PL/I and Assembler (BAL, 370-Assembler) programs and XRef data documenting the use of these definitions is written.

Data definitions generated from Predict objects can be included in two ways:

  • the Preprocessor copies file layouts into a source program that have already been generated in Predict as copy code.

  • the Preprocessor generates file layouts from Predict file objects and copies these file layouts into a source program.

Two types of definitions can be included:

  • record buffer structures

  • format buffer structures

This section covers the following topics:

Using the Preprocessor
Preprocessor Statements
Creation of XRef Data