This part describes all variables available for inclusion in procedure files. A variable is replaced by a parameter value at execution time, thus allowing flexible use of procedure files.

There are 4 types of variables. All variables, except system variables, start with a special character.

Variable Type Special Character
Dynamic Variable *
Global Variable +
Local Variable #
System Variable  

The values for global, local and system variables are defined using the SET and RESET commands. The values for dynamic variables are determined by the system settings of the operating system and Entire Connection.


The following examples demonstrate the usage of the local variables #FILEDRIVE and #FILEPATH in a procedure file. The following expression contains a mandatory operand with optional parameters:


Example 1

Specification in program: #FILEDRIVE ':' #FILEPATH
Value of #FILEDRIVE: C
Value of #FILEPATH: \SAG
Result: C:\SAG

Example 2

Specification in program: \SAG #FILEPATH
Value of #FILEPATH: \PCC
Result: \SAG\PCC