General Architecture

The following topics describe the architecture of Entire Connection:


Entire Connection consists of the following applications:

  • Configuration Manager

  • Terminal

  • Host Printer Manager

  • Format Converter

The following figure illustrates the logical components of Entire Connection:

Components of Entire Connection

Workstation Integration

Provides the interfaces to Windows applications, as well as a wide range of  PC packages, thus integrating Entire Connection fully into your workstation environment.

Unattended Workstation (UA)

Provides the unattended workstation support, allowing you to schedule tasks to be processed without user interaction.


Allows you to address Entire Connection functions from application programs, thus allowing integrated cooperative processing between the PC and your multi-host environment.

Script Language

Provides command and procedure processing.

Data Exchange

Allows the exchange of data between the PC and connected host applications written in Natural in upload and download operations.

Terminal Emulation

The center piece of Entire Connection is the terminal emulation which connects the PC to the host system.

Object Types

The administrator defines the system preferences and manages users, user groups, tables and printer sessions. All other users can define individual settings for a session.


This topic outlines the supported host environments and related communication software.

Adapting Entire Connection to the configuration at your site is simple. Easy-to-follow dialogs prompt you to select predefined settings to set up your host connections, thus allowing quick and easy integration into your computer network.

The following table summarizes the session types available with Entire Connection:

This session type provides this type of connection
BS2000 TCP/IP Multi-session
Telnet (TN3270 and VTxxx) Multi-session, multi-host (via TCP/IP, TN3270 and VTxxx using WinSock 2), printer session

The following table summarizes supported host systems and related session types:

Host system Session type
IBM mainframes TN3270
IBM AS 400 TN3270
Siemens BS2000 BS2000 TCP/IP
UNIX/VMS Telnet VTxxx