LU1 (SCS) Control Characters

SNA character string (SCS) control characters are responsible for printing formatted text. Entire Connection supports the following SCS control characters:

Function Character Description Comment
BEL 0x2F Bell Will be ignored.
CR 0x0D Carriage Return  
FF 0x0C Form Feed  
GE 0x08 Graphical Escape Not supported, will be ignored.
HT 0x05 Horizontal Tab  
RS 0x1E Record Separator Handled as New Line.
LF 0x25 Line Feed  
NL 0x15 New Line  
NUL 0x00 Print Null or Blank Must be configured in Setup.
NFF 0x3A Necessary Form Feed Handled as Form Feed.
VT 0x0B Vertical Tab  
NNL 0x06 Necessary New Line Handled as New Line.
TRC 0x35 Transparency Starts a transparency block with EBCDIC to ASCII.
ATRC 0x36 Absolute Transparency Starts a transparency block without any translation.

All other characters are translated from EBCDIC to ASCII (except in Absolute Transparency mode).

The translation function uses the translate tables chosen in the National property page for the host printer session.