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About Host Printer LU Support

The host printer LU support in Entire Connection is an emulation for host printer LUs.

A host printer is a Logical Unit (LU) defined on the mainframe. The LU definition is made in VTAM. Among other specifications, this definition also contains the LU name and LU type. Entire Connection supports LU1 and LU3 type host printers. Each host application can use this LU for printing, referring the printer by the LU name.

A gateway (TN3270E) is responsible for creating the link between the Logical Unit on the host and the Entire Connection host printer session.

When an Entire Connection host printer session is opened, it connects the LU via the appropriate gateway and activates it. As soon as print data are available, the LU starts the bind process. Entire Connection then receives the necessary data for this print job and the print data. Entire Connection automatically recognizes the type of Logical Unit. The print data are sent to the print destination specified in the properties of the host printer session. The print destination can be a local printer, a network printer, a file, or a user program. See Host Printer Sessions in the Overview of Object Properties.

If an error occurs while receiving data, Entire Connection sends a sense code to the Logical Unit so that the host application can stop the print process.

After successful completion of the print data transfer to the Entire Connection host printer session, the LU unbinds the host printer session and waits for new print data.

The host printer LU support consists of two elements:

  • Host printer service. This is the host printer LU emulation.

  • Host Printer Manager. This is the application for monitoring and managing host printer sessions.

About the Host Printer Service

Host printer LU support is implemented as a Windows service. It and can be started and stopped using Administrative Tools > Services in the Windows Control Panel.

The Software AG Entire Connection Host Printer Service can be started in one of the following ways:

  • When the service is set to automatic startup, it is automatically started when Windows is started. This is the default setting when you install Entire Connection.

  • When the service is set to manual startup, choose the Start command in the list of services (in the Control Panel).

  • When the Host Printer Manager is started, it is automatically started.

The Host printer service is stopped when you shut down Windows or when you choose the Stop command in the list of services (in the Control Panel). It is not stopped when you log off and then log on with another user ID.

If you want to use network printers:

The setup program installs the host printer service using the system account. If you want to use network resources such as network printers, you must change the service definition in order to use a user account instead of the system account. This user account must have the appropriate access rights for the network resources. To change the account parameters, you have to access Services in the Windows Control Panel.