PAC / PAA Concepts and Facilities

Predict Application Control (PAC) is a flexible tool for controlling Natural and foreign applications throughout the software life-cycle and for ensuring the integrity of applications in the production environment. PAC facilitates and controls the movement of applications through the life-cycle. When an application is implemented into production, it is protected and audited by Predict Application Audit (PAA). You can use PAC and PAA to perform the following functions:

  • Develop and enforce site- or application-specific software life-cycles.

  • Establish who can promote applications through the life-cycle.

  • Control and audit the migration of applications from one location to another.

  • Analyze the impact of proposed code changes.

  • Track and control maintenance activities.

  • Protect the source code for each version of an application component and link it to the executable code.

  • Maintain accurate relationships among versions of application components.

This documentation discusses the problems of application control and how PAC and PAA address them. It also describes how PAC and PAA work and the facilities they provide.

This information is organized under the following headings:

Application Control
Using PAC
PAC Facilities
Managing and Auditing the Production Environment
Application Control Issues and PAC/PAA Functions
Using External Version Control with PAC