What is New with this Version?

This section covers the following topics:

Strategy Regarding the Legacy-Unix Platforms

We would like to inform you that, after a detailed analysis & assessment, Software AG has decided to adjust its strategy regarding the Legacy-Unix platforms HP-UX®, AIX® and Solaris®. With many of our customers already departed from or soon planning to depart their Legacy-Unix platforms due to cost and technical reasons, Software AG has decided Linux x86 will be its strategic open systems platform for Adabas & Natural 2050+ going forward. This will allow Software AG to focus more resources on this platform and maximize the overall value to our customer base.

The end-of-maintenance date (EOM) for Software AG support of the Legacy-Unix platforms is December 31, 2024. For the period from December 31, 2024 to December 31, 2025 Software AG will offer options for non-standard sustained support on the Legacy-Unix platforms for customers who are unable to rehost by the regular EOM date. Both dates apply to all Software AG A&N products (excluding CONNX, which will still be available on Legacy-Unix).

This will provide you with more than five (5) years to rehost your Software AG applications from the legacy-Unix platform to your preferred Linux x86 platform(s). Software AG recommends one of the following rehosting options:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux®

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise

  • CentOS

Please be assured that Software AG is prepared to offer assistance in planning and executing your rehosting from the Legacy-Unix platform to an alternative platform.

Following the principles of our "A&N 2050+ Initiative", your rehosting project will be a high priority to Software AG. Our local Software AG teams will be happy to discuss any rehosting topic with you.

If you have any questions regarding the Adabas & Natural platform roadmap, please do not hesitate to contact Adabas & Natural Product Management (e-mail: AskANProdMgt@softwareag.com).

For the Adabas & Natural products on the Legacy-Unix platforms HP-UX®, AIX® and Solaris® we currently plan the following final versions:

  Final Version (GA) EOM EOSS
Adabas HP-UX® 6.7.0, October 2018 31.12.2024 31.12.2025
Adabas AIX® and Solaris® 7.0, October 2020 31.12.2024 31.12.2025
Natural HP-UX® 9.1.1, October 2018 31.12.2024 31.12.2025
Natural AIX® and Solaris® 9.1.4, October 2021 31.12.2024 31.12.2025

Supported Operating Systems and Databases

The operating systems and database servers supported by Version 9.1.3 of Entire Access differ from those supported by previous versions.

  • Supported operating systems: see the sections Hardware and Operating-System Requirements for UNIX and Windows respectively.

  • Supported database servers: see the sections Database Servers Supported for UNIX and Windows respectively.

Database Drivers

Not every database driver is available on any platform. Especially for z/Linux there is currently only a subset of drivers available.

With this version of Entire Access the support of Informix and Sybase database servers has been dropped.

New and Enhanced Functionality

The following functionality is available with Entire Access Version 9.1.3:

Software AG Installer

Starting with this version of Entire Access the Software AG Installer is used for the installation of the product.