Start-Up Procedures under Windows

This section covers the following topics:

Accessing Data Sources from Clients

The connect strings used to access data sources on a Windows server are the same for all UNIX and Windows client platforms.

Start of instruction setTo access a local data source:

  1. Start the database(s).

  2. Start the client application.

Start of instruction setTo access a remote data source:

  1. Start the database(s) on the remote Windows server.

  2. Start the Windows server daemon.

  3. Start the client application.

Server Daemons

This section describes how to start the server daemons using the icons installed with Entire Access or the Windows Start menu.

To start, ping, or stop the Windows server daemon or the multithreaded server, double-click on the appropriate icon (see the table below).

Alternatively, from the Start menu, you can choose Programs > Entire Access n.n.n, and Start, Ping or Stop it.

Server Type Default Server Number Icons Created During Installation
Singlethreaded Server 2000

Start Singlethreaded Server
Ping Singlethreaded Server
Stop Singlethreaded Server

Multithreaded Server 2022

Start Multithreaded Server
Ping Multithreaded Server
Stop Multithreaded Server

To select a server number other than the default value, you have to edit the batch file.

Two additional icons are created during the installation procedure for pinging and stopping remote servers.