Prerequisite for Installing the Entire Access Server

Before you install the Entire Access server you need to install the Entire Access product.

This chapter describes the installation of Entire Access on Windows and Unix platforms.

Installing Entire Access Using the Software AG Installer GUI

To install Entire Access

  1. Start the Software AG Installer GUI as described in Using the Software AG Installer.

  2. When the first page of the Software AG Installer GUI (the so-called Welcome panel) is shown, choose Next repeatedly (and specify all required information on the shown panels as described in Using the Software AG Installer) until the panel containing the product selection tree appears. This tree lists the products you have licensed and which can be installed on the operating system of the machine on which you are installing.

  3. To install Entire Access, expand the Natural Products node and select the Entire Access product node there. All required items are automatically selected.

    Entire Access: installer screen

  4. Choose Next.

  5. Read the license agreement, select the check box to agree to the terms of the license agreement, and choose Next.

  6. On the last panel, review the items you have selected for installation. If the list is correct, choose Install to start the installation process.

Uninstalling Entire Access

You uninstall Entire Access using the Software AG Uninstaller. For information on how to use the uninstaller, see the Using the Software AG Installer guide.