Installing a Client under Windows

This section decribes how to install the Entire Access client component under Windows. It covers the following topics:

The client installation is not necessary if a complete server installation has been performed from the Entire Access server CD and Natural Version 8.4 or above is used.

Before You Install

Please read the following information, before you proceed with the installation:

Client and Server Versions

See Client and Server Versions in the section Installing a Server under UNIX.

Client Hardware Requirements

The following are the minimum hardware requirements for using Entire Access:

  • 512 MB of RAM,

  • about 10 MB of available hard-disk space (if all options are installed).

Other Software Requirements for Clients

The following products and versions are required in order to use Entire Access:

  • For Natural clients, Natural Version 8.4 is recommended.

  • For remote access, TCP/IP is required on both the client machine and the server machine.

In some cases, you can use third-party network products in conjunction with the ODBC driver. See the section Remote Data Access Using Third-Party Network Products.

Installation Procedure

Installation Prerequisites

Prerequisite is a full installation of Entire Access available on either a Unix or a Windows platform. A full installation of Entire Access includes an Entire Access Windows client.


Copy the file from the directory <EntireAccessInstallFolder>/OXC of your Entire Access full installation to your target Windows machine. Extract the files from the zip archive into the /BIN directory where Natural has been installed.