What is New with this Version?

This section covers the following topics:

Supported Operating Systems and Databases

The operating systems and database servers supported by Version 9.1.2 of Entire Access differ from those supported by previous versions.

  • Supported operating systems: see the sections Hardware and Operating-System Requirements for UNIX and Windows respectively.

  • Supported database servers: see the sections Database Servers Supported for UNIX and Windows respectively.

Database Drivers

Not every database driver is available on any platform. Especially for z/Linux there is currently only a subset of drivers available.

New and Enhanced Functionality

The following functionality is available with Entire Access Version 9.1.2:


Entire Access now supports secured communication with OpenSSL Version 1.1.x. See Entire Access and OpenSSL for details.

Notice of Future Changes

The following will be changed in upcoming releases of Entire Access:

Database Servers Supported

With an upcoming release of Entire Access, we will discontinue the support of the database servers Informix and Sybase. No new features, patches or updates related to Informix and Sybase will then be provided any longer. Only updates and patches that have been developed already will still be available.

Any concern regarding the discontinuation of this support, please address to your global support organization.