Installing a Client under UNIX

This section describes how to install the Entire Access client component under UNIX. It covers the following topics:

Before You Install

Please read the following information, before you proceed with the installation:

Client and Server Versions

See Client and Server Versions in the section Installing a Server under UNIX.

UNIX Compiler Support

Entire Access supports the vendor compiler, including the Linker or Loader, for each supported UNIX platform.

Hardware and Operating-System Requirements

The operating-system and hardware requirements are the same as described in Hardware and Operating-System Requirements in the section Installing a Server under UNIX.

Other Software Requirements

Entire Access requires TCP/IP on both the client and the server for remote server support.

In addition, Natural client applications require Natural Version 8.4 or above.

For the use of third-party network products, see also the section Remote Data Access Using Third-Party Network Products.

Installation Procedure

Before you perform the installation procedure described below, unpack the product from the installation medium, as described in the file README.CD.

Then perform the following steps to install the Entire Access client component on any supported UNIX platform.

Step 1 - Log In at the UNIX System Prompt

Log in as "sag"; do not log in as "root".

Step 2 - Generate the Environment File

The environment file must be modified to include the environment variables required before using Entire Access.

If you have an existing sagenv.old environment file, be sure to rename it; otherwise, it will be overwritten later in this step when the file is automatically generated and the existing file is renamed to sagenv.old.

Execute the interactive SAGINST script to generate the file.

  1. To start the script, enter the following commands:

    $ cd $SAG$ 

    The script ensures that the SAG environment variable has been established; it then displays a list of all products in the supplied $SAG directory.

  2. Select each required product from the list by entering the corresponding number (from the left-hand column) after the prompt. Use spaces to separate the numbers.

  3. Press ENTER to generate the file.

    The generated file includes all environment variables required to use the selected products. If already exists, it is automatically renamed to sagenv.old and the previous sagenv.old is overwritten.

  4. If you are performing an update installation (that is, you selected only the new products to be added to your existing sagenv file), use the concatenate command to append the to your existing sagenv file.

Step 3 - Select the Database Drivers

This step is the same as for a server installation; see Step 3 of the UNIX server installation procedure.

Step 4 - Relink Natural on UNIX Client Machines

Regenerate your Natural nucleus with the selected Entire Access database drivers.

  1. Change to the Natural build directory by entering the following command:

    cd $NATDIR/$NATVERS/bin/build
  2. Enter a command to build a new Natural nucleus that includes support for the database drivers selected in Step 3.

    If you only require access to SQL databases with Natural, enter the command as follows:

    make natural osx=yes

    If you also require access to Adabas, enter the command as follows:

    make natural osx=yes ada=yes

    By default, Adabas is not included when Natural is relinked. If you do not specify a value for the ada= parameter, Adabas will not be linked into Natural and Natural Security will not function.

  3. To copy this new Natural file into the bin directory, enter the following command:

    make install