Starting and Ending an Entire Operations Session

Start of instruction setTo establish an Entire Operations session

  1. On your desktop, click on the Entire Systems Management shortcut icon.

    (A desktop icon for Entire Systems Management is generated automatically after the installation procedure.)

    A Software AG ESM Logon dialog like the example below opens:


  2. Enter your credentials:

    • Natural Security user ID and password. If required, choose Change password to change your password (see the next step).

    • (optional) EntireX user ID and password.

    Select the Restore My Desktop check box (selected by default) if you want to restore your current desktop settings. See also My Desktop Menu in the User's Guide.

  3. Choose OK when you are finished.

    Entire Operations Client is launched if your Natural Security and EntireX (if relevant) user IDs and passwords are accepted. Otherwise, appropriate error messages occur.

    If a password has expired, a dialog like the example prompts you for a password change:


    Choose OK.

    The Entire Systems Management main application window (see the User's Guide) opens.

Information in the Main Application Window

By default, the current server name and node name are displayed at the top and at the bottom of the main application window.

In addition, you can display text information of your choice at the top or bottom of the object workspace. For this purpose, System Automation Tools provides the user exit ESUEX02N in the system library SYSSAT. With the user exit, you can specify the text to be displayed, its color and location, and choose to display this text instead of the server name and node name at the top of the main application window. For details, see the corresponding user exit source object ZSUEX02N in the library SYSSAT.