Active Job Network and Active Job Maintenance

This section contains general information on schedule-controlled or manual action of job networks and jobs, deletion of work files, cleaning the active database and describes the functions available for activating job-networks and jobs and for performing ad-hoc actions on active jobs in the active database.

This document is organized under the following headings:

Meaning and Use of Active Job Networks and Active Jobs in Entire Operations
Activation of Networks or Jobs
Prerequisite Check before Job Submission
Messages in Active Jobs Lists
Active Job Networks
Maintaining Active Job Networks
Listing Next Network Activations
Activating a Job Network Manually (in the section Network Maintenance)
Deactivating Active Job Networks
Repeating Active Job Networks
Viewing Long Descriptions of Active Jobs
Viewing Job/Network Accounting Information (in the section Job Maintenance)
Displaying Operating System Information on Active Tasks
Viewing the Execution History of an Active Network
Active Jobs
Maintaining Active Jobs
Listing Active Jobs
Adding a New Job to the Active Network
Viewing and Modifying the Active Jobs Schedule
Displaying and Modifying an Active Job Definition
Deactivating a Job in an Active Network
Listing Active Conditions
Defining and Managing End-of-Job (EOJ) Checking and Actions
Viewing and Modifying Resources Used by Active Jobs
Modifying Scheduling Parameters
Viewing Job/Network Accounting Information (in the section Job Maintenance)
Cancelling, Holding and Releasing Active Jobs
Browsing Active Job SYSOUT
Resubmitting Active Jobs
Listing Jobs of an Active Subnetwork
Reactivating an Active Job
Viewing Long Descriptions of Active Jobs
Displaying Prerequisites for Active Jobs
Viewing Calling Jobs of Subnetworks
Active Job Conditions
Maintaining Active Job Conditions
Maintaining Global Active Job Conditions
Active JCL
Maintaining Active JCL (Job Control Language)
Defining JCL for an Active Job
Browsing Active JCL
Editing Active JCL
Release Edit Lock (for administrators only)
Exchanging Active JCL
Regenerating Active JCL