Concepts and Facilities

Introducing Entire Operations Gives an overview of Entire Operations features provided to define, control and schedule job networks.
Overview of Entire Operations Components Provides a graphical overview of main Entire Operations components, such as network maintenance objects, the Monitor, databases, tools and utilities.
Entire Operations Maintenance Objects Describes Entire Operations maintenance objects, such as owners, networks, jobs, resources schedules and symbol tables.
Entire Operations Monitor Describes the Monitor, the major process component of Entire Operations.
Operating System Refers to operating systems on which Entire Operations can process job networks.
Master Database and Active Database Describes where Entire Operations stores network definitions and keeps data of activated networks.
Tools and Utilities Lists the Entire Operations tools and utilities available for system administration, import/export operations, and controlling and monitoring network processing.
APIs and User Exits Refers to accessing Entire Operations from other applications and perform Entire Operations functions.