Global Message Code Table

This function allows you to select message codes to be checked by default after each job termination.

Start of instruction set To view and specify message codes for checking

This document covers the following topics:

Columns: Global Message Code Table

The columns of the Global Message Code Table page are described in the following table:

Column Meaning
Message Code  Message code, for example, IEF999I.

This field is case-sensitive.

Severity  Highest resulting severity code of a job will be compared with the default condition code value to be treated as not ok. In other words: The detection of the message causes a simulated condition code setting.

The default condition/severity code can be defined in the Entire Operations defaults by selecting the z/OS option from the Operating System Specials page. For details, see Defaults for z/OS and z/VSE in the section Entire Operations Defaults.

Operating System  Operating system for which the message code is valid.

Possible selection options:

empty The message code is scanned for all mainframe operating systems.
UNIX The message code is scanned for all UNIX operating systems.
WINDOWS The message code is scanned for all Windows operating systems.
OPENSYS The message code is scanned for all UNIX and Windows operating systems.