Accessing Administration Functions

Start of instruction setTo access functions available for system administration

  • In the object workspace, select the Administration metanode and open the context menu.

    For user, node, resource and mailbox maintenance functions, select the required node or node instance and choose a function from the relevant context menu.

    The following menu functions are available for the Administration metanode:

    Function Description
    Entire Operations Defaults Define defaults for the operating system, nodes, date, language, retention periods and other system defaults.

    For details, see the section Entire Operations Defaults.

    Monitor Defaults Define node, user ID, module and other defaults for the Entire Operations Monitor.

    For details, see the section Monitor Defaults.

    Messages and Exits Define the sending of global messages, message codes to be checked after job termination and system-wide user exits.

    For details, see the section Global Messages and Exits.

    Special Functions Special global control and recovery options.

    For details, see the section Special Functions.

    RPC Defaults Define default values for an RPC server.

    For details, see the section RPC Server Defaults.

    Set Drag And Drop Function See Drag & Drop in the User's Guide.

All administration functions available are described in the remainder of this documentation.