Invoking System Administration

Start of instruction set To invoke System Administration:

  1. Enter 8 in the command line of the Main Menu.

    The System Administration menu is displayed:

       11:12:22             **** Entire Output Management ****            2018-11-11
      User ID XYZ               - System Administration -
       Maintenance Functions
        1 System Defaults                                                          
        2 Users                                                                    
        3 Copy Natural Security Users                                              
        4 Calendars                                                                
        5 Physical Printers                                                        
      Control Functions                                                            
        6 Monitor Start/Close                                                      
        7 Start Archiving Task                                                     
        8 Start Reviving Task                                                      
        9 Start Condense Task                                                      
       10 Transfer Objects                                                          
       11 VTAM NOMVPRNT Management                                                 
    Please select option.                                                          
      Command => ___________________________________________________________________
           Help        Exit  Flip                                            Menu
  2. To invoke a function from the System Administration menu, you enter its number in the command line.

These functions are only available to you if you are a system administrator.