Transferring the Whole Environment

This sections describes what you have to do before and after you transfer the whole Entire Output Management environment with all its data from one system file to another. It covers the following topics:

Before Transferring the Environment

Before you transfer the Entire Output Management environment, perform the following steps:

  • Close all active bundles.

  • Complete all print tasks.

  • Start the Revive task to ensure that there are no reports pending to be revived.

  • Start the Cleanup task.

  • Shut down the monitor.

  • Create a backup copy of you Entire Output Management environment.

Transferring the Environment

Transfer the Entire Output Management environment to the desired new system file, using the appropriate Adabas utilities.

After Transferring the Environment

After the transfer, the database IDs and file numbers used internally by Entire Output Management still point to locations in the old environment. To adjust these, you use the Entire Output Management utility NOMMOVE. With NOMMOVE, you specify the corresponding locations in the new environment. NOMMOVE has to be executed in batch mode. It invokes the utilities NOMNODE and NOMCONT and writes the specified new locations to all relevant default values and objects in Entire Output Management.

All parameters of NOMMOVE are mandatory. For information on how to specify them correctly, you execute the program NOMMOVE online.