Using Adabas Vista

You can use Adabas Vista to distribute Entire Output Management data to multiple Adabas files.

For this purpose, Entire Output Management provides a descriptor with the Adabas short name XH (format/length T12 in Natural and P13 in Adabas). It contains the time-stamp of the creation of the object/record.

The following example shows how to use the Adabas utility ADAULD for unloading:

ADAULD SELVAL=X'0635556672000F'
ADAULD SELVAL=X'0636187391999F'


ADAULD SELCRIT='XH,13,P,S,XH,13,P.'                            
ADAULD SELVAL=X'0000000000000635556672000F'
ADAULD SELVAL=X'0000000000000635872031990F'

The first seven/thirteen bytes represent the time-stamp (in this case 0635556672000F = 0000000000000635556672000F = 2014-01-01 00:00:00 ).

The program NOMVIST2 in the library SYSNOM can be used to show the existing data: the number of records within the entered time-stamp, and the values of the first and last records in the range.


If you use Adabas Vista in conjunction with Entire Output Management, the following parameters have to be set:

Product Parameter Value
Adabas Vista Store Control Option L

If you migrate from a previous version to the current version of Entire Output Management, make sure that the appropriate migration step for the use of Adabas Vista has been executed; see Migration from Previous Versions.