Entire Output Management Version 3.4.3 Release Notes

These Release Notes inform you of the enhancements and new features provided with Version 3.4.3 of Entire Output Management; they cover the following topics:

Unless otherwise indicated, the information in these Release Notes applies to Version 3.4.3:

  • for both Entire Output Management (NOM) and the Output Management GUI Client (NGC),

  • on all supported platforms.

Prerequisites for Mainframes (NOM)

Before you can install Entire Output Management on a mainframe computer, the following Software AG products must have been installed at your site:

  • Adabas Version 8 or above;

  • Natural Version 8.2 or above; the Natural installation must include the Software AG Editor component;

  • Entire System Server Version 3.5 or above;

  • Entire System Server Version 2.1.5 for UNIX/Windows, or above (optional; for UNIX/Windows access);

  • System Automation Tools Version 3.4.3 or above;

  • Natural Security (optional; required for UTM users under BS2000/OSD);

  • EntireX Version Version 9 for z/OS, Version 8.1.1 for BS2000/OSD, Version 7.2.2 for z/VSE, or above (optional, for multi-CPU support);

  • Entire Network (optional, for multi-CPU support);

  • Con-nect (optional).

Prerequisites for UNIX (NOM)

Before you can install Entire Output Management on a UNIX system, the following Software AG products must have been installed at your site:

  • Adabas Version 6.3 for UNIX, or above;

  • Natural Version 8.3.3 for UNIX, or above;

  • Entire System Server Version 2.1.5 for UNIX, or above;

  • System Automation Tools Version 3.4.3, or above;

  • EntireX Version 9, or above (optional, for multi-CPU support).

Prerequisites for Output Management GUI Client (NGC)

Output Management GUI Client Version 3.4.3 requires the following products:

  • Natural for Windows, Version 8.3.3 or above; Development version or Runtime version.

  • EntireX Version 9 or above; Development version or Runtime version.

  • Entire Output Management Version 3.4.3 (or above) for Mainframes/UNIX.

NGC Versions Supported by NOM

Entire Output Management Version 3.4.3 does not support any Output Management GUI Client version below 3.4.1.

Installation Considerations

The installations considerations for Version 3.4.3 are the same as for Version 3.4.1; see Version 3.4.1 Release Notes.

In addition, see the Fix Explorer in Empower for the latest hot fixes.

Migrating from Previous Versions

A migration of NOM to Version 3.4.3 is possible from Version 3.3.1 or later versions, but not from earlier versions. NGC does not require any migration.

For a detailed migration description, see Migrating from Previous Versions in the Installation and Customization documentation.

In addition to performing the migration procedure, you have to perform the following:

  • The names of parameter data areas and the structures in data areas have changed. Therefore, adapt all Entire Output Management user exits and application programming interfaces to the new names (for example, the NOMEXnnP parameter data areas in the library SYSNOMS) and the new field formats/lengths (for example, change +P-SPOOL-ATTRIBUTES-EXTENDED from (A/120) DYNAMIC to (A) DYNAMIC) and then recatalog them. Details and examples are provided in the library SYSNOMS.

  • Recatalog with the new version all your user exits and programs which use Entire Output Management application programming interfaces.

  • Under UNIX, adapt the scripts used to run Entire Output Management to suit your requirements. See Scripts in the Installation on UNIX documentation.

  • As of Version 3.4.3, NOM on UNIX is installed using the SAG Installer. This requires that the environment variables EOM_WORK and EOM_ARC be changed. See Environment Variables in the Installation on UNIX documentation.

Solved Problems

All solved problems of the previous version are included in this version.

Enhancements and New Features

System Defaults

System Defaults provides a new field Retention for printouts in Hold status, which determines how long printouts in Hold status will be kept in the Entire Output Management database. See Components of System Defaults in the System Adminstration documentation.


Entire Output Management's report identification now processes file pairs residing in UNIX or Windows file systems: an original file containing the print data and an XML file containing meta data which can be transferred to Entire Output Management as well. See Report Identification for UNIX/Windows Nodes for details.

Active Reports (NGC only)

The new function Search Active Reports combines the definition of filter criteria and the display of the objects which meet the criteria in one dialog, thus improving the search for specific active reports.

User Profiles (NGC only)

The layout of user profiles has been improved to show more clearly the options, access rights and dependencies within the system.

User Interface - Update Information

On object maintenance screens/windows, Entire Output Management now shows when and by whom an object was last modified.

Open Print Option (OPO)

Printer Drivers

The routing of print output to Entire Output Management with direct printing from Windows applications, using the Open Print Option on Windows, is designed to use a specific printer port monitor developed by Software AG.

With Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft has introduced a new printer model classified as "V4" with corresponding V4 printer drivers (delivered "in-box" with these Windows versions), which do not support such third-party port monitors.

If you use the above-mentioned feature, it is recommended that you use non-Microsoft V3 printer drivers as supplied by your printer manufacturer.