System Requirements

This section covers the following topics:

Operating Environments

Operating System

Entire Output Management functions in any UNIX environment that supports Natural Version 8.3.1 or higher.

Data Access

Entire Output Management generates applications that access Adabas data structures.

Natural Security

If Natural Security is installed, access to Entire Output Management is protected and the use of its functions controlled by Natural Security.

Memory Space Requirements

There is no specific memory requirement for operating Entire Output Management.

Disk Space Requirements

The application SYSNOM requires approximately 35 MB of disk space during operation. At installation time, double this amount should be available.

If you install Natural and/or other required products in one step with Entire Output Management, see the installation documentation for these products for further information.

Software Requirements

Entire Output Management requires the products listed in the Release Notes under Prerequisites for UNIX.

The product versions mentioned in the Release Notes are the minimum versions for all platforms. It is recommended that you always use the latest versions of all Software AG products.

You can view all available Software AG product versions and check the dates when their maintenance ends by visiting Software AG's Empower web site at Go to Products > Product Version Availability.

If you intend to convert active reports to various binary formats like PDF or Postscript, you have to install third-party products. See Converting the Report Format in the Concepts and Facilities documentation.

If UNIX file systems are to be accessed, the UNIX utility "lsof" is required. On LINUX and other UNIX systems, "lsof" is already installed by default. On AIX systems, it usually isn't. So if you want to access AIX files, you will usually have to install "lsof" manually (as described in the corresponding IBM documentation).

License File

During the installation of Entire Output Management, the Software AG Installer prompts you to enter the path to a valid license file. The license file is an XML file which is delivered by e-mail.

The components that can be installed with Entire Output Management are based on your license file.