Installation on Mainframes

This documentation explains how to install the mainframe components of Natural Business Services. It is intended for those who install and set up Natural Business Services on a mainframe platform.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Before You Begin Contains an overview of Natural Business Services and the product prerequisites. It describes the operating environments, data set naming conventions, and the installation tape and jobs. It includes information about System Maintenance Aid (SMA) and sample JCL you can use to copy the data sets from tape to disk.
Setting Up the Environment Describes how to set up the installation environment. These steps are common to all users.
Installing Natural Construct Describes how to install Natural Construct without Natural Business Services. It contains information on how to install Natural Construct:
  • As a new or current user

  • As a catalog and runtime environment

  • As a runtime-only environment

  • In static (one-language) mode

This section also provides a summary of the installation data sets and the modules supplied with Natural Construct and describes how to:
  • Activate Natural Construct

  • Verify the success of the installation

  • Maintain Natural Construct

Installing the Business Services Repository and Server Components Describes how to install the repository and server components for Natural Business Services. This section also provides a summary of the installation data sets and modules supplied with Natural Business Services.


  1. When installing both products, you must install Natural Construct before installing Natural Business Services.
  2. When installing Natural Construct without Natural Business Services, you do not have to install the Business Service repository and server components.
Installing the Natural Client Service Runtime Component Describes how to install the runtime component for a generated Natural client.