This section covers the following topics:

Create a Business Service

Natural Business Services allows you to create and maintain business services. This is done using the client, namely NaturalONE's Service Development plug-in, which provides the Business Service wizard.

Each business service combines a group of methods related to a common business entity, such as a customer or order. Processing for the methods is supplied by either existing or wizard-generated Natural subprograms. The definition for each service is stored in the business service repository and identifies the associated methods.

During generation, the Business Service wizard:

  • Populates the business repository with information about the methods used by the service

  • Provides the domain, service, and version specifications

  • Adds the method and service descriptions to the workspace

For information on how Natural Business Services creates business services, see Understanding Natural Business Services.

Create a Web Service for Your Business Service

Web services are created using NaturalONE's Service Development plug-in and the WS-Stack plug-in. A wizard is provided which creates Java classes and Web service definition files which can easily be deployed to a Web server.