SYSEXV Utility

The utility SYSEXV utility provides example programs that demonstrate the use of Natural features introduced in the current or a previous version of Natural.

All example programs are available as source objects. You obtain detailed functionality descriptions when you execute the programs.

This document covers the following topics:

Executing Example Programs

Start of instruction setTo execute an example program

  1. Enter the following system command:


    An Example Library SYSEXV dialog opens which lists current Natural version(s) and categories.

  2. Click on Version in the menu bar.

    Click on Categories in the menu bar and select a category.

    A commented list of Natural features and corresponding programs is displayed.

  3. Choose the required feature/program.

    The program is executed.

PF Keys

You can use the following PF keys:

PF Key Name Function
PF3 Exit Close the current window.
PF12 Canc Exit the SYSEXV utility.

Terminating an Example Program or the SYSEXV Utility

Start of instruction setTo terminate an example program

  • Press PF3 (Exit).

Start of instruction setTo terminate the SYSEXV utility

  • In the Example Library SYSEXV dialag, choose Exit.

    In an example program, press PF12 (Canc).