This command is used to invoke the Natural INPL utility. This utility is only used for the loading of Software AG installation data sets into the system files as described in the online help and in the platform-specific installation documentation.

Apart from that, you use the Object Handler to load objects into the system files.

INPL If you enter the INPL command without any parameters, the INPL utility will be invoked.

Invokes the INPL utility function Natural Security Recover which is only available if Natural Security is installed.

It can be used to reset the access to the Natural Security library SYSSEC: the user DBA, the library SYSSEC, and the link between the two will be redefined as after the initial installation, while all other links to SYSSEC will be cancelled. See also Inaccessible Security Profiles in the section Countersignatures of the Natural Security documentation.

For further information, see INPL Utility in the Tools and Utilities documentation.