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Related Statements: DEFINE WINDOW | INPUT WINDOW='window-name' | REINPUT

Belongs to Function Group: Screen Generation for Interactive Processing


The SET WINDOW statement is used to activate and de-activate a window.

Any SET WINDOW 'window-name' or INPUT WINDOW='window-name' statement de-activates the window which has currently been active and activates the window specified in the statement. This means that only one window can be active at a time.

If you use SET WINDOW to activate a window which is defined with SIZE AUTO, the data on the screen before the window is activated determine the size of the window.

Syntax Description

Syntax Element Description
SET WINDOW 'window-name' Activates the specified window, which means that all subsequent statements refer to that window until either the window is de-activated or another window is activated. The specified window must have been defined with a DEFINE WINDOW statement.
SET WINDOW OFF De-activates the currently active window.


See DEFINE WINDOW statement.