Adding Text in a Certain Font

Start of instruction set To choose a specific font for the text assigned to a dialog element (for example, the caption on a push button control)

  1. Use the dialog element's attributes window.

  2. Choose the ... push button control to the right of the Font entry. A dialog box opens.

  3. From the list of available fonts, select a font type, for example Times New Roman.

  4. From the list of styles available for the font type, select a font style, for example italics.

  5. From the list of sizes available for the font type and style, select a font size, for example 10. A sample of your selected font will be displayed.

  6. To set it: Close the attributes window.

When adding centered or right-aligned text in a dialog element, the following minimum heights of the dialog element apply (RECTANGLE-H attribute): 4-point font - height of 8; 8-point - 22; 12-point - 24.

Additionally, the dialog editor allows selecting a font for the whole dialog in the dialog attributes window. This font is defined in the FONT-STRING attribute and is valid for the dialog and each of its children. A major advantage of selecting a font for the whole dialog is that if the chosen font is too large or too small for the dialog layout, you change the FONT-STRING attribute once instead of going through all children of the dialog.

Initially, the FONT-STRING attribute must be set as a parameter while the dialog is being created with PROCESS GUI action ADD. If a dialog element inside the dialog contains text with no particular font assigned to it, this text will be displayed in the font specified by FONT-STRING.