WEBIO - Use Natural Web I/O Interface

This Natural profile parameter defines whether the Natural input and output (I/O) remains unchanged (that is, terminal emulation in case of SPoD) or whether the Natural Web I/O Interface is used.

Possible settings ON I/O via Natural Web I/O Interface.
OFF I/O remains unchanged (terminal emulation). If the application is running on a Natural Development Server on Windows, this setting is ignored. In this case, the Natural Web I/O Interface is always used.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. The Natural Web I/O Interface displays the input and output data in a web browser. On platforms other than Windows, the Natural Web I/O Interface can only be used to display and enter U format fields with characters which are not contained in the current code page.
  2. The parameter WEBIO can only be used when Natural is running as a server, not in an interactive Natural session.
  3. The parameter WEBIO is not compatible with the parameter BATCHMODE. If the parameter BATCHMODE is set, WEBIO=OFF is assumed.
  4. See also Profile Parameters in the Unicode and Code Page Support documentation.