THSEP - Dynamic Thousands Separator

This Natural profile parameter is used to enable or disable the use of dynamic thousands separators in edit masks at compilation time.

Possible settings ON Dynamic thousands separators are used.

Every dynamic thousands separator that is not part of a string literal is replaced at runtime with the thousands separator character defined with THSEPCH.

OFF Dynamic thousands separators are not used.

Thousands separators in the edit mask are treated as literal and displayed unchanged at runtime. This is the compatibility setting.

Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification   yes  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements OPTIONS  
Applicable command THSEP Option of system command COMPOPT.


  1. At runtime the dynamic thousands separators are replaced by the value (thousands separator character) of the profile and session parameter THSEPCH.
  2. In the Natural source, the dynamic thousands separator is either a comma (,) or a period (,), depending on the current setting of the profile and session parameter DC (decimal character). If a comma is specified, then the dynamic thousands separator is a period, otherwise it is a comma.
  3. Fields in Unicode format should not be redefined as alphanumeric (A) or numeric (N) fields.

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