TD - Time Differential

This Natural profile parameter specifies a time differential to be applied to the Natural time/date setting to ensure that the current local time/date is used, rather than the computer center time/date.

Possible settings -23,59 to 23,59 The notation hours,minutes is used to add/subtract the specified time to/from the physical machine time to set the time/date to be used by Natural; minutes (if specified) must be 00-59.
Default setting 0,0  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

This parameter is applicable in an environment in which remote nodes are being used in a computer network.


TD=6           (6 hours ahead)
TD=-11         (11 hours behind)
TD=(5,30)      (5 hours and 30 minutes ahead)
TD=(-6,30)     (6 hours and 30 minutes behind)