SRETAIN - Retain Source Format

This Natural profile parameter specifies that all existing sources have to be saved in their original encoding format.

Possible settings ON The original code page of an existing Natural source is retained.

If the profile parameter SUTF8 is defined as well, new sources will be saved in UTF-8 format.

OFF For existing Natural sources with format UTF-8 the encoding will not be changed. Existing sources with other encodings will be saved using the current code page.
Default setting ON  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. When new sources are created, they will be saved either in the current code page format or in UTF-8 format, depending on the setting of profile parameter SUTF8. This is independent of the setting of SRETAIN.
  2. If a source cannot be saved in the target code page format, because this code page does not define all characters contained in the source, a message is displayed which allows the user to choose whether he/she wants to remove the problematic characters or cancel the save process.
  3. See also Profile Parameters in the Unicode and Code Page Support documentation.