LCU - Unicode Leading Characters

With this session parameter, you can specify leading characters that are displayed immediately before a field output by a DISPLAY statement. The width of the output column is enlarged accordingly.

Possible settings any character Up to 10 characters may be specified.


  1. Leading characters may optionally be specified enclosed within apostrophes, in which case, any characters can be specified.
  2. Any character string specified which contains a closing parenthesis or a quotation mark must be enclosed within apostrophes.
  3. A circumflex (^) is used to represent a blank in a character string not enclosed within apostrophes.
Default setting none  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements FORMAT Parameter may be specified dynamically with the FORMAT statement.
DISPLAY Parameter may be specified at statement level and/or at element level.
Applicable command none  


  1. The session parameter LCU is identical to the session parameter LC. The difference is that the leading characters are always stored in Unicode format. This allows you to specify leading characters with mixed characters from different code pages, and assures that always the correct character is displayed independent of the installed system code page.
  2.  The session parameters LCU and ICU are mutually exclusive.

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