KD - Key Definition

This session parameter is used to display the names assigned to the PF keys (see the SET KEY statement).

Possible settings ON The names assigned to the PF keys are displayed.
OFF The names assigned to the PF keys are not displayed.
Default setting OFF  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements FORMAT  
Applicable command none  


  1. The PF key assignment information will always be displayed automatically in the two bottom lines of the physical screen with any output created by the INPUT, WRITE, DISPLAY, and PRINT statement.
  2. As the key assignment display requires two lines, the logical page size (see the session parameter PS) must be reduced by two.
  3. In case of graphical user interfaces: If PF keys are defined, they are always displayed, regardless of the setting of this parameter. If no PF keys are defined, this parameter can be used to switch on/off the display of the ENTER key.