RI - Release ISNs

This Natural profile parameter specifies whether ISNs (internal sequence numbers) for records which were read and placed in hold status but were not updated are to be retained in hold status.

Possible settings ON Natural releases the ISN of each record which has been placed in hold status but was not updated (for example because the record was rejected as a result of a WHERE clause or an ACCEPT/REJECT statement). This reduces the number of ISNs which are contained in the hold queue.

This may, however, cause additional performance overhead as an Adabas call is required for each ISN released.

OFF The ISN of each record which has been placed in hold status is not released until the end of the transaction.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  
Application programming interface USR1005N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.

In nested processing loops, a record which due to RI=ON is released in an inner processing loop is no longer kept in hold status for any outer loop.