PERSIST - Flag a Parameter File as Persistent

This Natural profile parameter is intended for easier handling of parameter settings during development. Its use should be restricted to parameter files which are used by a single person or for a specific task. Multiple concurrent accesses to the same persistent parameter file might cause unexpected interferences.

PERSIST can only be set in the Configuration Utility.

Possible settings ON Setting the PERSIST parameter to ON marks the parameter file as persistent. This means that all settings which are changed during a Natural Studio session are saved to the currently used parameter file when the session is ended. The next time Natural Studio is started with that parameter file, it will resume with the same parameter settings.

The saved settings include those which were made at session startup (dynamic parameters issued at the operating system command prompt when Natural was invoked) and those which were changed during the session, e.g. with the Natural system commands GLOBALS, COMPOPT.

OFF The parameter file is not flagged as persistent.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification no  
Specification within session no