MAXYEAR - Maximum Year for Date/Time Values

This Natural profile parameter sets the maximum value for the year part of date and time values that can be entered as constants or as terminal input.

Possible settings 2699 The maximum year that can be entered is 2699; that is, the maximum date value that can be entered is 2699-12-31.
9999 The maximum year that can be entered is 9999; that is, the maximum date value that can be entered is 9999-12-31.
Default setting 2699  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. MAXYEAR=9999 changes the maximum date value that can be entered from 2699-12-31 to 9999-12-31.
  2. Before setting the value for MAXYEAR to 9999, you should carefully check your application for arithmetic operations or assignments of date or time values to fields that have data formats other than date or time, and perform the necessary changes. Otherwise, unexpected overflows leading to Natural errors at execution time may occur.

For example, you should check for

  • redefinitions of date/time fields with P6/P12 fields

  • assignments of date/time values to non-date/time fields such as P6 := D

  • arithmetic operations with date/time values where the result is assigned to a non-date/time field, for example: P6 := D + 7

  • input of date/time fields that is used in arithmetic operations with non-date/time fields later on, for example:

    INPUT D(D)
    P6 := D + 1

The use of the Natural Engineer is recommended to check your application.

The setting of MAXYEAR affects

  • checking of date/time constants by the compiler, for example: P6 := D'2699-12-31'

  • INPUT statements with input or modifiable date/time fields

  • MOVE EDITED statements with source or target date/time fields

  • IS (D) option in logical condition criteria

  • MASK option in logical condition criteria with four-digit year check (YYYY)

  • VAL system function with date field as target operand

You should ensure that the MAXYEAR settings are the same for

  • cataloging and executing a Natural application

  • Natural RPC servers and Natural RPC clients

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