FCDP - Filler Character for Dynamically Protected Input Fields

This Natural profile and session parameter can be used to suppress the display of filler characters for input fields that have been made write-protected dynamically (that is, to which the attribute AD=P has been assigned via an attribute control variable).

Possible settings ON Dynamically protected input fields are displayed filled with filler characters. This may suggest to the users that they could enter something in the fields.
OFF Dynamically protected input fields are displayed filled with blanks.
Default setting ON  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements SET GLOBALS  
Applicable command GLOBALS  
Application programming interface USR1005N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


  1. Depending on the setting of the FCDP parameter, dynamically protected input fields are displayed filled either with blanks or with the defined filler characters.
  2. Within a Natural session, the profile parameter FCDP can be overridden by the session parameter FCDP.


   1 #FIELD1 (A5) 
   1 #FIELD2 (A5) 
   1 #CVAR1  (C) INIT <(AD=P)> 
   1 #CVAR2  (C) 
   INPUT #FIELD1 (AD=Y'_' CV=#CVAR1)  /* field is protected 
         #FIELD2 (AD=Y'_' CV=#CVAR2)  /* field is not protected 

Execution of the above program will display the following:


#FIELD1 _____ #FIELD2 _____


#FIELD1       #FIELD2 _____