ETID - Adabas User Identification

This Natural profile parameter is used as an identifier for Adabas-related information; for example, for identification of data stored as a result of an END TRANSACTION statement.

Possible settings 1 - 8 characters This setting is used as the user ID setting in an Adabas open call.

The Adabas user ID has its own syntax. Consult your Adabas Command Reference documentation if you want to use special characters for the setting of ETID.

OFF The ETID is set to ' ' (blanks), but Natural Security is allowed to set the ETID.
' ' (blank) The ETID is set to ' ' (blanks). This value is passed to Adabas on an open call without being modified by Natural Security.
$$ The ETID is replaced by the process ID.
Default setting ' ' (blank)  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. If the ETID is not specified neither in NATPARM nor dynamically, Natural uses the setting of *INIT-USER to fill the ETID.
  2. $$ will be evaluated during the start-up of Natural.
  3. The ETID might also be used by Natural for work-file name generation. This might cause problems when running multiple instances on one machine or again, if special characters are used for the setting of ETID. Refer to the Natural parameter TMPSORTUNIQ for a solution.