CMPRTnn - Additional Report

This Natural profile parameter applies to batch mode only.

It is used for additional reports referenced by any Natural program executed during the session. nn is a two digit decimal number in the range from 01 to 31 corresponding to the LPT device used by a report in a DISPLAY, PRINT and WRITE statement.

Possible settings any string If the file name or path assigned to this parameter contains special characters, e.g. backslash (\) or spaces, the entire string must be enclosed in double quotes.


Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

In order to allow the user to specify variable print file names, alpha-format system variables and numeric counter markers may be embedded in the file name specification for CMPRTnn.

The supported alpha-format system variables are:


If any of these strings (in upper case only) is encountered within the print file specification, it will be replaced at run-time with the contents of the appropriate system variable. Additionally, a counter marker (#) may be used. This will be replaced by a 2-digit counter which will automatically be incremented for each print file.


The specification CMPRT01=abc_*PID_*ETID_*PROGRAM_#.dat in a Natural session with process ID 1234, ETID XYZ running a program with the name PRINT which produces print file output to File 01 would produce print files with the following names (assuming the program runs 3 times):


See also Using Natural in Batch Mode in the Operations documentation.