BMTIME - Display Process Time

This Natural profile parameter is used to display the elapsed and used CPU time consumed by the Natural process. This output will be written to the end of the batch output file CMPRINT.

This Natural profile parameter applies to batch mode only.

Possible settings ON The elapsed and used CPU time is written to the end of the batch output file.
OFF The output is not written to the batch output file.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

The time format is as follows:



  • DDD is the number of days (at maximum 999)

  • x is blank if DDD is less or equal to 999,

    or + (plus sign) if DDD is greater than 999

  • HH is the number of hours

  • II is the number of minutes

  • SS is the number of seconds

  • UU is the number of hundredths of seconds


Used CPU time:   0 00:00:00.56
 Elapsed time:    0 00:00:16.20