ACIVERS - Define API Version for Use with EntireX Broker ACI

This Natural profile parameter is obsolete and ignored.

This profile parameter specifies the API version to be used for the ACI functions of the EntireX Broker.

The EntireX Broker stub in use as well as the called EntireX Broker must support the API version defined here. Refer to the EntireX documentation for the supported API versions. The setting of ACIVERS enables special features of the EntireX Broker, depending on the API version you are using. For details, see Setting Up an EntireX Broker Access in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.

Possible settings 1 - 9 Single-digit number, identifying the API version.

The higher the version, the more features are available. For details, see Set the API Version in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.

Default setting 2 API Version 2 is used.
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. ACIVERS can be specified on both the client and the server side.
  2. For information on Natural RPC, see the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.