Determines the text string associated with a dialog element, for example, the title of a dialog window or the label of a push button control. For a font control, this text string is invisible to the end user.

By default, the system font is used to display the STRING. You should, however, be aware that the size of the system font depends on your operating system and on your screen driver. As a result of this, a STRING may not fit in the dialog element's rectangle.

Applies to Column specification control, dialog (all types), dialog bar control, edit area control, font control, graphic text control, group frame control, input field control, list box item, list view column, list view item, menu item, push button control, radio button control, selection box control, selection box item, status bar control, status bar pane, tab control tab, table control, text constant control, tool bar control, toggle button control, tree view item.
Data Type A253
Default Value Empty string
Possible Values Empty string / any text string