Clipboard-Status Event

This document covers the following topics:

Applies To

ActiveX Controls, List Box Control, List View Control, Tree View Control.


If not suppressed, this event is received by an ActiveX or list box control that has the keyboard focus when the enabled/disabled status of one or more tool bar items, menu items or signals of type "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Delete" or "Undo" need to be updated. The event code should respond to this event by setting the status of the SUPPRESS-CUT-EVENT, SUPPRESS-COPY-EVENT, SUPPRESS-PASTE-EVENT, SUPPRESS-DELETE-EVENT, and SUPPRESS-UNDO-EVENT attributes. If any of these attributes are set to SUPPRESSED after returning from this event, the corresponding clipboard commands will be disabled. Otherwise, they will be enabled. This event only needs to consider those clipboard-related events for which event handlers are available. If none exist, the Clipboard-Status event can be left in its default, suppressed state.

Typically, the Cut, Copy and Delete commands should be disabled if there is no active selection. The Paste command should be made available if clipboard data is available in a recognized format, as determined by the INQ-FORMAT-AVAILABLE action.

Natural cannot provide any default handling for this event because it is ambiguous as to what action should be taken.